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Approved: Dum Dum Girls – Lost Boys And Girls Club

By | Published on Wednesday 6 November 2013

Dum Dum Girls

So, Dum Dum Girls have a new single out in ‘Lost Boys And Girls Club’, the first off an LP titled ‘Too True’.

The band’s world looks to have changed a lot since 2012’s ‘End Of Daze’ EP, which, as she explains here, diaried a sour time in lead singer Dee Dee’s life, so it follows that the new track is some distance away from all that.

For one, they’ve since moved to Hollywood, to hang at the Chateau Marmont like the real ‘stars’ do. And for two, Dee seems to have broken out of those ‘sour times’, looking more like the stone cold icon I always believed she was.

In anticipation of the band’s arrival at London’s Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen on 14 Dec, please all stand back as ‘Lost Boys And Girls Club’ swings its colossal noir-pop arc, like this: