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Approved: Eivør

By | Published on Monday 27 February 2017


Eivør has been successfully releasing music for the best part of two decades, having put out her debut album at just sixteen. Now, off the back of various syncs, including on ‘Game Of Thrones’ and the soundtrack for BBC drama ‘The Last Kingdom’, she’s finally releasing her first English-language album – a reworking of her 2015 long-player ‘Slør’.

Translating her lyrics from the original Faroese was apparently an eight month task, as Eivør attempted to retain the meaning and feel of the original. Largely drawing on her childhood in the Faroe Islands, it’s easy to see why it might have been difficult to convey her experiences to a British audience.

“One day when I was about eleven years old I was walking up this mountain alone – daydreaming as usual – when the fog sneaked in”, she says of the story behind new single ‘Into The Mist’. “All of a sudden I was surrounded by thick fog and I could not see anything I completely lost sense of direction – I was lost for hours”.

I don’t like to make assumptions, but I’m going to guess that didn’t happen to you when you were eleven. Nor would you think to turn that experience into the dark, foreboding piece of music that Eivør has.

Eivør will be touring the UK in June, including an already sold out show at The Islington in London. Watch the video for ‘Into The Mist’ here:

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