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Approved: El Perro Del Mar

By | Published on Wednesday 31 October 2012

El Perro Del Mar

Having discarded the itty-bitty 60s schtick of her eponymous 2006 debut, Swedish soloist El Perro Del Mar – aka Sarah Assbring – is now in the throws of a contemporary pop phase she’ll immortalise via fourth record ‘Pale Fire’.

Pacing the space between the LP’s ‘Killer’ first single ‘Walk On By’ and official 12 Nov release date is new track ‘Hold Off The Dawn’, which casts its slight, gelid synths against greying shades of dub and an evasive tagline (“Stay away, away, away to hold off the dawn”). And even if it does sound quite like Lykke Li or Taken By Trees (who’ve both collaborated with Assbring in the past, by the way) we must remember, El Perro Del Mar was doing it all first.

Hear ‘Walk On By’ and ‘Hold Off The Dawn’, in that order, now; or alternatively wait to hear them live as part of Del Mar sets at Bristol’s Fear Of Fiction festival (10 Nov), London’s Village Underground (12 Nov), or via an in-store recital at the also capital-based Rough Trade East on 13 Nov.