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Approved: Fort Lean – Cut To The Chase

By | Published on Tuesday 22 September 2015

Fort Lean

So, there I was… Just minding my own business. Listening to a bit of new music. I clicked a YouTube link and then moved away to another browser tab, expecting the track to leak down into my headphones. But then, when the song didn’t immediately begin, I clicked back, wondering if I’d somehow made a mistake.

Now actually watching the video, I quickly picked up on the concept. “That’s quite a nice concept for a music video”, I thought. Then there was a nice switch from live to pre-recorded sound. “This is a nice little video this band have got here”, I noted quietly to myself. “And I quite like the song that has just properly kicked in, too”, I mused on.

I glanced away again, but had cause to look back a few seconds later. Something had happened. Exactly what, I’m still not entirely sure, but it made this one of the more memorable music videos I’ve seen in some time.

But before I direct you to all that, I should also tell you that Fort Lean have just released a new EP called ‘New Hobbies’ and it’s a very enjoyable four track collection of upbeat guitar pop. You’ll hear a bit of one of the tracks on it – ‘Cut To The Chase’ – on the video below.

PS: If you’re one of those Americans they have now, you can watch part two of this story here.