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Approved: Foxes

By | Published on Thursday 6 October 2011


It would be too confusing to have two L Rose Allens in pop, which is why Louisa Rose Allen has opted to name herself Foxes. Although just to nip any further confusion in the bud, she is not more than one fox. Glad we got that cleared up.

Yet to release anything properly or play any gigs under her recently adopted moniker (having until recently gone by Loui Rose), Foxes is nonetheless picking up a lot of interest with the collection of demos currently up on her SoundCloud profile. There are a variety of pop production styles spread across the tracks, which suggest she’s still trying to find a sound that really suits her. Though as she pretty much nails each one, that might be a tough decision.

‘Hearts + Daggers’ has a very classic pop feel, if such a thing exists. It has the sort of yearning, heartbroken chorus that longevity is made of. ‘Youth’, meanwhile, is the song that seems to have got most people talking; it’s certainly her most contemporary track, all dramatic percussion and synths like warm duvets. But it’s ‘Home’ that first really pulled me in, and which you can hear below. It’s a slow, creeping track which has hints of ‘Homogenic’ era Björk, and really gives Allen a chance to bring out the subtleties in her voice.

You can catch Foxes’ first gig as Foxes at the Old Queens Head in Islington on 20 Oct, then at Electricity Showrooms in Shoreditch in 27 Oct, before she heads back to Islington and the Buffalo Bar on 15 Nov.