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Approved: Georgia Gets By

By | Published on Thursday 31 August 2023

Broods vocalist Georgia Nott is set to release her debut solo EP ‘Fish Bird Baby Boy’ later this year. Just released is the third single from it, ‘Oh Lana’.

“‘Oh Lana’ is about my first queer crush”, she explains. “I was probably about eleven and I got into a fight with another kid to defend her honour. I wasn’t sure how to fully express that back then, so this song has, in a way, been my love letter to that little gay version of me”.

Diverting from Broods’ electronic pop sound into something based more in traditional rock instrumentation, Georgia Gets By’s sound drifts into 80s and 90s dream-pop with hints of Billie Eilish. Like ‘Oh Lana’, previous singles ‘Happiness Is An 8 Ball’ and ‘Easier To Run’ delve deep into personal memories.

“I’m always making music to combat, you know, life”, says Nott. “As I was writing these songs, I was opening old wounds”.

‘Fish Bird Bay Boy’ is out on 6 Oct.