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Approved: Get Inuit

By | Published on Thursday 3 December 2015

Get Inuit

A couple of months back, Get Inuit released their latest EP, ‘Luge Lessons’. Now they’re back with a new video for standout track ‘Pro Procrastinator’ to give that EP a solid promotional kick in the arse.

The most direct of the four guitar pop songs on the EP, ‘Pro Procrastinator’ is over and done in two and a half minutes, requiring no longer to get inside you and inflate your skin. Yes, that’s what it does. Try it and see if it doesn’t. It’ll blow you right up, like a shit Michelin man. Then you’ll wobble around all day with bits of goo leaking out of you. All of this makes some sort of sense in my head, by the way.

Anyway, so, the band are going to be touring the UK in January and February, which is a good thing. You’ll also be able to catch them headlining the Alcopop! Records Christmas party at The Old Blue Last in Shoreditch on 19 Dec.

Watch the video for ‘Pro Procrastinator’ here: