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Approved: Guns

By | Published on Wednesday 3 February 2016


Guns, aka Gunhild Jarwson Tekle, released her debut single ‘Ricochet’ last year, a sweet pop track with a light touch. Her second, ‘I Know Exactly How It Feels’, technically came out last year too. But it’s just had its US release through +1 Records, which I think is a reasonable reason for featuring it here now. Are we in agreement? Good. Lets get on with it.

‘I Know Exactly How It Feels’ is punchier than its predecessor, better setting out Guns’ stall as an interesting new musician to watch (not that ‘Ricochet’ wasn’t a fun listen in itself). Produced by Anders Bach Pedersen from Ice Cream Cathedral, the song’s chorus is lifted up above the rest of the track with carefully layered vocals, ensuring it gets lodged in your head.

Listen to ‘I Know Exactly How It Feels’ here:

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