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Approved: Hanna

By | Published on Thursday 14 June 2012


Those particularly into their Swedish pop might know Hanna Göransson as one half of Cat5, or even for her short-lived solo project under the name Hanna Lovisa. Don’t worry if you don’t though, because now is the perfect time to make yourself familiar with the singer who now simply goes by the name of Hanna.

Having experimented with a variety of sounds over the years, Hanna now seems to have settled on something that properly suits her voice for her debut EP under her new streamlined name. Entitled ‘Lioness’, the EP is available as a free download via her SoundCloud profile now as an introduction ahead of her debut album, which is due for release via Sunshower Records later this year.

Produced by Dan Lissvik, the EP mixes R&B and hip hop influences into really good pop songs, of which Hanna says: “I needed to do this record. I have had it in my head for a few years and needed to do my own thing and try and get these thoughts, and in turn stories, down. We created a series of characters, worked with them and put them into situations so we could write in a way that was sympathetic and true to their nature”.

Listen to the EP here: