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Approved: Hannah Diamond

By | Published on Wednesday 2 April 2014

Hannah Diamond

Hannah Diamond, the shiniest sugar-bead on the silly-sweet candy necklace that is young London producer AG Cook’s PC Music label, split the web quite neatly into “love it”, “hate it” and “WTF is it?” camps via 2013 single ‘Pink & Blue’, a ride so garish, girlish and spinny, and with ‘girl-boy’ lyrics so super-sticky-kitsch, it’ll either exhilarate you or have you being sick in a bag. Or both, if you’re unlucky.

A pastel-shaded take on UK garage, trappy beats and bon-bon dance-pop, it’s one of the songs at the apex of AG Cook and peers like GFOTY and Danny L Harle’s smart and far-sighted sonic fantasyland, one way into which is this Disown Mix featuring mini-sets by all three.

Diamond plays her first live show this Friday, alongside AG and ‘Bipp’ hitmaker Sophie, at an RSVP only night at London’s Edition Hotel Basement. I think you’d better hear ‘Pink And Blue’ and Diamond/Cook collaboration ‘Keri Baby’ before you make a decision on going to that, though.