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Approved: Hilary Woods

By | Published on Thursday 2 June 2016

Hilary Woods

You may remember Hilary Woods as the bassist of JJ72. Or, if not, you almost certainly remember JJ72, who burned bright at the beginning of the millennium with two top ten albums.

Woods left shortly after the release of the second, and then spent several years attempting to find another outlet for her creative energy. Eventually she found herself writing music, quietly, late at night to fill periods of insomnia, resulting in her debut solo EP ‘Night’.

Her solo music is calming, atmospheric and easy to find yourself hopelessly lost in. Her second EP, ‘Heartbox’, is released on 10 Jun, with opening track ‘Bathing’ available to hear now. It stretches the late night, liminal feel of her earlier work even further, dropping the pace to a slow float. It feels more like a window into another world than a song.

You can catch Hilary Woods live at Whelans in Dublin on Friday night, or watch the video for ‘Bathing’ here:

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