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Approved: House Of Black Lanterns – Triumphantism

By | Published on Monday 12 October 2015

House Of Black Lanterns

The first single from producer Dylan Richards’ second album as House Of Black Lanterns, ‘You Were Telling Me Of Mountains’, this track sees him take a further step away from his former King Cannibal moniker. ‘Triumphantism’ is a soaring piece in a wider puzzle, influenced by the grand studio constructions of Tangerine Dream and a variety of today’s bedroom-based electronic producers.

That mix of influences is not an accident, the album is themed and inspired by the frustrations Richards sees in being a recording artist in the 21st Century – ie that being able to create something on the scale of a 1970s Tangerine Dream record with limited resources presents both problems and opportunities. This in turn has led to his decision to self-release this record, despite currently working with various other labels on other standalone releases.

“Album projects born from a creative spark can soon be rendered to ash by lack of care, and all too quickly can be extinguished altogether by the misunderstanding hand of what amounts to the modern label experience”, he explains. “‘Mountains’ isn’t an easy sell but then it’s not meant to be, and releasing it this way means it gets to see the light of day how I envisaged it, I can make my own mistakes, be happy in my own success, and fight to keep complete control of the process”.

Listen to ‘Triumphantism’ here: