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Approved: HXXS

By | Published on Tuesday 13 November 2018


As it comes to the end of its tenth anniversary year, indie label Captured Tracks beds in for the next decade with the signing of HXXS. The electronic duo will release their first EP, ‘MKDRONE’, on 7 Dec.

Comprising Jeannie Colleene and Gavin Neves, the duo’s sound is an agitating clash of loops, emanating from the bank of drum machines, synthesisers and samplers they have amassed.

First single, ‘Seppuku’, was apparently written when one of them (they don’t say which) was being prescribed high strength pain medication for a tooth infection.

As well as being interrupted by occasional bouts of searing pain as the drugs wore off, recording was also halted from time to time due to the wall separating them from the porn studio next door not being quite thick enough.

All of which adds to the jittery, wired atmosphere to their music. Watch the video for ‘Seppuku’ here:

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