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Approved: Jianbo

By | Published on Tuesday 28 March 2023

Jianbo & Babii

Rapper Jianbo has released his first new music since his ‘Yellow Peril’ EP, which came out a year ago. It’s a collaboration with Babii titled ‘Home Is Where The Food Is’.

It’s “a track about the sanctity and privacy of a home, and its meaning to me as a product of a dysfunctional family life”, he says. “The title has a double meaning – one being the literal sense of edible food being at home, and the other about less-savoury endeavours being conducted from my residence as a child”.

“Having Babii on the track felt perfect as she’s an artist that I love and her voice encapsulated both the pain and resolve that these experiences left me”, he adds.

Babii, who also co-directed the video for the track alongside Nicole Ngai, comments: “When Jianbo approached me about collaborating, I was up for it almost immediately. I literally glanced at his instagram and was instantly sucked into his world and I wanted to exist in it”.

Expect more new music from Jianbo this summer. For now, watch the video for ‘Home Is Where The Food Is’ here: