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Approved: Jim Perkins & Tom Gaisford – Kyrie

By | Published on Tuesday 17 May 2016

Jim Perkins & Tom Gaisford

Composers Jim Perkins and Tom Gaisford have teamed up for a new release, ‘Kyrie’, taking William Byrd’s ‘Mass For Three Voices’ as their inspiration.

The single release opens with ‘Cantus Firmish’, which stays fairly true to Byrd’s original piece, written in around 1590. Main track ‘Kyrie’ then rushes forward more than 500 years to give the work a very modern studio treatment.

The tempo is increased, vocals transposed, and a whole new melodic line added. Plus there are instruments, which obviously did not appear in the original a cappella piece. Quick brushes of piano are added, along with strings and jittery electronic drums.

The original piece is modernised further by the addition of a remix by Leah Kardos, which rounds off a very carefully considered and beautifully put together package. It’s yet another addition to the increasingly exciting and experimental world of modern classical music from Bigo & Twigetti.

Listen to ‘Kyrie’ here:

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