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Approved: Jim Perkins – Transfiguration

By | Published on Wednesday 29 July 2015

Jim Perkins

The first single from composer and producer Jim Perkins’ new album, due out on 6 Oct, ‘Transfiguration’ is another excellent example of his innovate approach to classical music. Written for string quartet, the recording has been broken down into individual notes, pulled apart and re-arranged, creating something new and completely enveloping.

Having tackled solo piano on his debut album, ‘Grains’, this new record will see Perkins explore strings more deeply, with pieces written for a variety of combinations of the group of instruments from solo violin to 21 piece string orchestra.

He will also be involved in a collaborative album from his Bigo & Twigetti label, created by a group of musicians over the course of a week. This follows on from last year’s ‘Forty Eight’ EP, which was created over a 48 hour period, with four musicians each creating their own track for the others each in turn to add their own touches. Also working on the new collaborative album will be Nonesemble, Leah Kardos, Antonyes, Lucy Claire, Tiny Leaves and more to be announced in early August.

Watch the video for ‘Transfiguration’ here: