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Approved: Joy Division Reworked

By | Published on Tuesday 23 July 2013

Joy Division Reworked

The Heritage Orchestra and producer Scanner’s piece reworking the music of Joy Division was originally commissioned for last year’s Brighton Festival. It then appeared at the Sydney Opera House in May, and in September returns to the UK for a nationwide tour.

Rather than simply performing a series of Joy Division tracks with strings, this show merges and twists the band’s music into a 45 minute piece in its own right. Between the Heritage Orchestra and Scanner sit Three Trapper Tigers drummer Adam Betts and guitarist Matthew Calvert, plus Ghostpoet bassist John Calvert. As they play, recognisable sections of songs appear and fade into the intense performance, which borrows as much from the atmosphere the band created as it does the notes they played.

The tour begins at the Royal Festival Hall in London on 21 Sep and will make its way around the country until the beginning of October (dates here). Meanwhile listen to a ten minute condensed version of the show here: