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Approved: Julia Holter and Nite Jewel – What We See

By | Published on Wednesday 5 September 2012

Julia Holter & Nite Jewel

Julia Holter and Nite Jewel duet ‘What We See’ is set to be released as part of ‘Light From Los Angeles’, a collaborations-rich new compilation from LA arts co-operative Dublab, and thus will feature alongside tracks donated by Sun Araw, Dntel and Lucky Dragons. Each single will be given its own video, all filmed with Digital Harinezumi cameras. Not that I’m entirely sure what the significance of that is.

Anyway, to ‘What We See’. Given the slight assonance that exists between Holter and Nite Jewel figurehead Ramona Gonzalez’s trim electronic pop as it is, it’s no marvel that their respective styles dovetail so well in this instance. ‘What We See’ is one tall, slender vessel of sound, expending its ice-glazed synths and lyrical couplets sparingly as, in the video, Holter and Gonzalez pace purplish meadows and compare vintage fashion choices.

See and hear all that happening, here: