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Approved: Kasper Bjørke – TNR

By | Published on Tuesday 12 August 2014

Kasper Bjørke

Why aren’t there more songs about fonts? Kasper Bjørke’s ‘TNR’ just happens to be the best song about a typeface since Towa Tei and Kylie’s ‘German Bold Italic’ from 1998. I can’t actually think of any others though, so this may well be the only such song since then. Actually, I’d like to see someone do a concept album with each song named after a different font (see also: tube lines); popstars – let me know when this has been done please.

Anyway. Danish producer Bjørke has turned in a somnambulant slice of disco, with morose vocals (from Jaakko Eino Kalevi) cooing “Times New Roman” amid dreamy synths that make the whole thing a lovely soothing slice of electro-pop that sounds like a particularly relaxed When Saints Go Machine.

The accompanying new album ‘After Forever’ is released on 22 Sep on HFN Music, whilst ‘TNR’ itself is out on the 18 Aug. The video is previewing now: