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Approved: Kassa Overall

By | Published on Tuesday 14 March 2023

Kassa Overall

Newly signed to Warp Records, Kassa Overall has released his first single for the label – ‘Ready To Ball’ – beginning movement towards the follow-up to his 2020 album ‘I Think I’m Good’. The rapper, jazz drummer and producer brings together a disparate collection of influences to create an experimental but infectious hip hop track.

“On an emotional level, the song is really dealing with feelings of jealousy”, he says. “It’s also an affirmation, to not get lost in the hustle of upward mobility. How bad do we want the shiny things? How much will we bend ourselves to get them?”

“At times I feel like, damn bro, it’s so much of a struggle and a hustle to just keep it going that I don’t have time to make sure my mental health and my soul is cool”, he adds. “That’s basically the polarity right there”.

Building upon the sounds he’s developed over two albums – the other being 2019’s ‘Go Get Ice Cream And Listen To Jazz’ – all signs point to an exciting evolution in his music and career on the horizon. Details of more new music are expected soon. He also has US tour dates lined up this summer.

Listen to ‘Ready To Ball’ here: