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Approved: Katy B – 5am

By | Published on Tuesday 17 September 2013

Katy B

Late last year, to placate fans for the increasingly long wait for her second album (not ‘long’ by Guns N Roses or Dre standards, but, you know, longer than a year), Katy B released a free EP of tracks quickly recorded with collaborators like Diplo, Iggy Azalea, Jessie Ware and Wiley.

The EP was meant to be a standalone release, rather than a hint at the route her new album was taking, as she worked with production partner Geeneus. For that, we had to wait until May, and the album’s first single, ‘What Love Is Made Of’. Though actually, as it turned out, that single sounded quite a lot like the first track on the EP, ‘Aaliyah’, which was produced by Geeneus and featured Jessie Ware.

It wasn’t exactly a disappointment, but ‘What Love Is Made Of’ still felt like Katy was keeping her cards close to her chest. New single ‘5am’ seems a bit more like she’s stepping back into the limelight.

Still, as she was for much of her debut album, in the club, this track sees closing time drawing closer and Ms B looking for “some lovin like valium” to “calm me down”. Though the instant hook of the chorus that those lyrics come from leaves you hoping she doesn’t find any. Sorry Katy.

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