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Approved: Keeley Forsyth

By | Published on Thursday 16 January 2020

Keeley Forsyth

Actor Keeley Forsyth has been a regular face on British TV screens since she was a teenager, but now she is preparing to release her debut album as a musician. The record features raw and astonishing songs brought to life in collaboration with composer Matthew Bourne.

“They’re like blocks of metal that just drop from the sky”, she says of those songs. “There was a lot going on in my life that was heavy and hard. Songs were made under that moment”.

“I came up with lots of songs in a very short space of time”, she goes on. “Most songs were written in the time it took to sing them. But I held them close, and often thought I needed to do something with them. It never felt right to go out and look for it. I felt like I needed to wait and move when I felt inspired”.

That inspiration came by chance when she heard some of Bourne’s work on the radio. “I heard his music and suddenly I could hear them both together”, she says. “I felt compelled to write to him. He got straight back and said he loved what I was doing”.

So, along with producer Sam Hobbs, they came together to record the album, attempting to work in the fast, instinctive manner in which the songs had originally been written. That album is released this week by The Leaf Label, featuring eight tracks, including the singles ‘Debris’ and ‘Start Again’.

If you’re at Eurosonic, you can catch her performing there tomorrow night. She’ll be back in the UK for shows in Manchester, London and Glasgow at the end of the month. Right now, here’s the video for ‘Start Again’:

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