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Approved: Keep Shelly In Athens

By | Published on Thursday 21 February 2013

Keep Shelly In Athens

It’s taken a while for real Greeks Keep Shelly In Athens to ready an LP, but they’ve done it at last, and will release a set of new tracks en masse via Cascine “later this year”.

Till that time, whenever it may be, they’ve given us a new toy in the shape of ‘Madmen Love’ to play with, which is kind.

And slightly jarring, since it has nothing of the avant-pop-plashings of their past EPs to it, but rather is a seared and synth-marked slab of ire, drama and bile that scales the band’s ‘dark side’ in ways that, say, 2011’s benign and muzak-y ‘Lazy Noon’ only dreamt of (in its nightmares, that is).