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Approved: Kelis

By | Published on Wednesday 12 February 2014


Kelis – as is and has always been her shtick, ever since ‘Caught Out There’ – is trying on all variety of vibes via her new LP ‘Food’, which is released 21 Apr on Ninja Tune.

And she’s caught out in a kind of R&B no man’s land, really, an ‘auteur’ who – in spite of the LPs and singles she’s shifted – is still to fit into any especial niche. An advantage, I’d say, in that it gives her the space, choice and time to do things right. And qualify as a saucier.

First plate on the ‘Food’ pass was lead single ‘Jerk Ribs’, a goodtime soul love-in skewered through with juicy brass, and its B-side mixes, by Mount Kimbie and Ben Pearce.

Now comes ‘Rumble’, whose honky tonk groove has greater gravitas than the ‘saucier’ (sorry) ‘Ribs’, but toes a similar line: