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Approved: Kiiara

By | Published on Monday 27 July 2015


Have I mentioned that Jon Hillcock’s ‘All Back No Front’ podcast is back? Don’t answer that, I already know I haven’t. But it is. After a bit of a hiatus, Hillcock is now back to bringing new music to your ears every two weeks. New music like ‘Gold’ by Kiiara, which has become something of an internet hit since its release a month ago (but had passed me by entirely until it featured on ‘ABNF’, hence the nod).

Last week Kiiara released her second track, ‘Tennessee’, another collaboration with producer Felix Snow, who is currently best known for his work with SZA. Like ‘Gold’, the new track is an excellent piece of cut up R&B pop, and quickly gaining listeners over on SoundCloud.

Listen to ‘Tennessee’ here: