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Approved: Kill J

By | Published on Thursday 27 February 2014

Kill J

Vocalist Julie Aargaard and producer Lennart Rasmussen, formerly known as Leap Over Light, released their debut track as Kill J, ‘Phoenix’, last year.

Since then, the alt-pop duo have toured with fellow Danes (and CMU approvees) Oh Land and Fallulah, but new recordings have not been forthcoming, despite considerable interest. Well, until this week, anyway. Because, just in time for their two performances at by:Larm in Norway this week, they’ve uploaded a new song called ‘Bullet’ to their SoundCloud profile.

Dedicated, so the pair say, “to the victims of other people’s bullshit convictions”, the track takes a more aggressive tone than ‘Phoenix’. Nonetheless, it maintains the atmospheric tone of that first song, though with a little more bounce in its step, and feeding a little more of classically trained Aargaard’s distinct and addictive vocal style.

Listen to ‘Bullet’ here: