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Approved: La Luz

By | Published on Monday 11 November 2013

La Luz

Having built a convivial (if not radical) line in slight, lopsided doo wop via songs like ‘Call Me In The Day’ and ‘Sure As Spring’, both on their ‘Damp Face’ EP circa 2012, Seattle band La Luz released a like-shaded LP, ‘It’s Alive’, via Hardly Art earlier this year.

Taking the shine off all that a bit, the group’s US tour hit the curb last week when their van was hit by a bigger van, injuring several members and breaking all their gear. And van. Luckily, their label has started up a recovery fund, which you can read up on here.

And in the mean time, harking back to happier days, this is ‘It’s Alive’ track ‘Brainwash’: