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Approved: La Vie C’est Facile

By | Published on Tuesday 13 October 2015

La Vie C'est Facile

Influenced by London’s grime and bass music scene, Swiss duo La Vie C’est Facile released their debut EP, ‘Fun Zone’, through Creaked Records earlier this month. Filtered through following these scenes at a distance, they create dark, minimal electronic tracks that swallow you as you listen.

Commenting on their creative process in a recent chat with labelmate Grace Core, Jo of the duo said: “For many reasons it’s always a challenge to create a sound. To us, it’s vital to have strong artistic direction. A coherent link between tracks we decide to release. It’s sometimes complicated to keep this objective in mind during a long studio session. We often come to finished tracks which have a different style that what we had in mind at the beginning. Then we don’t really want to present that to the public, even if we like it. We can start ten projects every day, but we will be happy to have a final one at the end of the month”.

Listen to the EP’s opening track ‘Racer Z’ here: