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Approved: Léa Sen

By | Published on Thursday 14 April 2022

Léa Sen

With her debut EP ‘You Of Now Part 1’ out next month, Léa Sen has released the second single from it, ‘I Feel Like I’m Blue’. Following on from January’s ‘Hyasynth’, the song hangs on her loose guitar playing and free floating production.

“You know when you have a concept or an idea in your head and never really act on it? That’s what ‘I Feel Like I’m Blue’ was to me”, she says.

“I felt like I was writing too much about the past or the present – which is already the past – and I got stuck in memories and vanished promises, so I needed to write something about tomorrows”, she adds. “It’s really just a conversation with my future self: ‘Do you finally get this right? Do you eventually let this go? I know you still feel that way, it’s cool. I don’t expect perfection from you’”.

“This song is key in my EP, it was the first song I made out of the five”, she goes on. “The start of so much work I did on myself while making the tunes alone in my room. The first production I made that I felt proud of. I’m glad past Léa made that song so I can share it today”.

‘You Of Now Part 1’ is set for release on 20 May. Watch the video for ‘I Feel Like I’m Blue’ here:

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