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Approved: Liars – I Saw You From The Lifeboat/Perfume Tear

By | Published on Tuesday 21 May 2013


Liars have given their May/mid-June live dates (tickets still available) a final promotional shove by giving away a free pair of tracks. They date back, the band’s Angus Andrew has told The Quietus, to a time of “creative release” after the reviews came in for Liars’ infinitely listenable year old LP ‘WIXIW’, and were created (in contrast to the somewhat painstaking modes Liars applied to making the album) “on the fly”. So basically, they’re a bit of fun.

As per the free giveaway, you can take hyperkinetic glitch trip ‘I Saw You From The Lifeboat’ and ‘Perfume Tear’, a synth-glazed mirror maze that winds on into Liars’ most pop-tacular fade to date, via this link. And/or watch the ‘Lifeboat’ vid now: