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Approved: Limmy’s World Of Glasgow

By | Published on Thursday 1 August 2013


Yesterday in the Approved column we had Glaswegians Mogwai stepping out into zombified France, but today we’re staying very much in Glasgow. Though, while we may be zombie free, that doesn’t mean some bad things aren’t going to happen. Or that today’s tip is going to have anything to do with music, sorry. Listening though, that’s all happening.

If you’re a comedy fan, hopefully at some point over its three series you’ve discovered Brian Limmond’s ‘Limmy’s Show’. Made for BBC Scotland, it was never properly shown down here in England (save for a recent best of compilation on BBC Three), but could be found on the iPlayer, if you were willing to hunt around. If you missed it, I urge you to seek it out. It is the finest sketch show there has been for a very, very long time.

Before the TV show came an 85 episode podcast released daily over the course of three months in 2006. Brilliantly written and performed, each of the nine characters in the show develops in unexpected and often disturbing ways over the series. Vicar Tom admits his murderous urges in his weekly sermons, unscrupulous marketer Benjamin Hart proudly explains his the methodology behind his campaigns (the Gillette Deca episode, oh god), while reformed heroin addict Jacqueline McCafferty (who, along with Dee Dee, fans of the TV show will recognise) finds the world (and Marti Pellow) unwilling to accept her.

It’s dark, funny, and has been unavailable for some time now, but has just been uploaded to Limmy’s SoundCloud profile in its entirety. Listen to it. All of it. Then call all of your friends and just say, “The Beast”.