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Approved: Lovespeake

By | Published on Tuesday 19 January 2016


Way back in the mists of time (2013) we featured in this very column a band called Eye Emma Jedi. They were a very good band, but one, you might have noticed – three years later – you haven’t heard of in a while. Well, that’s because they don’t exist anymore. Don’t start blubbing just yet though, because now there is Lovespeake instead. With some of the same people, see.

Hotly tipped by Norwegian music industry types (the band are from Norway, I should probably have mentioned that), Lovespeake are set to release their debut album this spring. For now they’ve released a debut single, ‘DNA’, which you’ll be pleased to know maintains the high quality control of Eye Emma Jedi. More laidback, electronic and funky than their former outfit, it’s a slick and infectious track and suggests that those Norwegians might know what they’re talking about.

Listen to ‘DNA’ here:

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