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Approved: Luci

By | Published on Thursday 30 June 2022


Lucianna Ania – just Luci for the purposes of her music – has been developing under the radar for a while now, keeping her work offline and aiming to build her initial following through word of mouth. And that seems to have worked alright, but now with the ink on a new record deal with Don’t Sleep dry, she’s ready to expand outwards more.

And so today is your lucky day, because Luci’s debut single, ‘Ash & Dust’, just hit the internet. With influences that span Lil Wayne to Bring Me The Horizon, the track is a quick blast of punchy aggression over programmed beats. It’s here and gone in less than three minutes, but the intensity of her delivery ensures that she leaves a deep impression from the first listen.

“The truth is I have never been anything less than genuine”, she says of the inspiration for ‘Ash & Dust’. “My great grandmother would always say, ‘from dirt we come to dirt we go’. Apparently Adam and Eve rose with human complexes, while being told they were perfect. Well perhaps they were perfect the entire time. I used to think there was something wrong with me, but now I just accept that I am built different. It’s not in me to let anything beat me down. Or paint me as I am not”.

You can catch Luci performing as part of Boiler Room’s upcoming New York event at Avant Gardner on 16 Jul.

For now, watch the video for ‘Ash & Dust’ here: