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Approved: Lucy Claire

By | Published on Tuesday 20 August 2013

Lucy Claire

Foremost a film composer and producer, Lucy Claire Thornton also records and performs standalone work under the name Lucy Claire. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this standalone music has a cinematic quality to it, though it creates images in your mind, rather than complementing them in front of your eyes.

Following on from her self-released single ‘Paelistin’ earlier this year, this week she releases ‘Suite’, a three tracker, via This Is It Forever, a label run by Ghosting Season (themselves alumni of the CMU Approved column). Completed by a remix from Ghosting Seasons’ Tom Ragsdale, in his solo guise as Winterson, the two lead tracks are performed on piano, violin and cello, with added ambient sound and field recordings.

On ‘Ritual In Dust’, background noise of what sounds like a café drifts in and out of earshot. The violin and cello carry out a slow call and response, urged on my the piano, all three occasionally attempting to break free of each other before stepping back into line. ‘Fantasia In Mildew’, meanwhile, pushes the field recordings further to the foreground, with the sound of screeching trains cutting through several times. Though this folds into the dusky, late night feel of the piece, making them feel sleepy rather than urgent.

Buy ‘Suite’ from Bandcamp, and listen to it in full via SoundCloud below: