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Approved: Lvra

By | Published on Thursday 25 November 2021


Winner of the inaugural Sound Of Young Scotland Award at this year’s Scottish Album Of The Year ceremony, alt-pop artist Lvra has come a long way in a short time. And it’s very easy to see why so many people are so excited about what the future holds for her.

With a sound that draws on pop, R&B, trap, hip hop and experimental electronic music, Lvra released her debut single, ‘U Don’t Have To Like Me’, in 2019, and has since kept up a regular release schedule that has ramped up significantly this year, with tracks like the excellent ‘Dead’ and ‘Money & Power’ – the latter taken from her ‘Two’ EP, which came out in September.

Showing no signs of slowing her pace, she’s back again with new track ‘In Your Blood’, of which she says: “I think this song feels like taking a shot of adrenaline. At some point when we are so far into our animal selves we become lethal creatures. Sometimes in a club I feel like it’s fight or flight that moves my body, as if I’m possessed. It’s the only time apart from sleep when I can switch off. I want people to feel that shit when they listen to my music”.

If that’s the sort of shit you like to feel, then good news, it looks like the rapid growth of Lvra’s catalogue of recordings is set to continue – that award win last month also came with a grant to fund the creation of her debut album. For now, there’s plenty to delve into already.

Listen to ‘In Your Blood’ here:

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