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Approved: Lykke Li

By | Published on Tuesday 26 October 2010

The track that really marked Lykke Li’s arrival – before the release of her 2008 debut album, ‘Youth Novels’ – was ‘A Little Bit’, in which she announced that she might be “a little bit in love with you”. This time she’s not being anywhere near so coy. On ‘Get Some’, the first single from her new album, which she’s currently finishing up ahead of its release next year, she sings: “Like a shotgun needs an outcome / I’m your prostitute, you’re gonna get some”.

Gone, it seems, is the cute, squeaky voiced Lykke Li of her debut (which is probably a good thing – a second album of that might have been a bit much), in her place is a woman singing forcefully over booming percussion, thick synth bass and shimmering guitars.

‘Get Some’ is available as a free download, along with b-side ‘Paris Blue’, from the link below, and you can catch Lykke Li live in London at Heaven on 4 Nov.