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Approved: Lyra

By | Published on Thursday 21 April 2016


A distinct new voice in pop, Irish musician Lyra emerges with her debut single, ‘Rabbit In The Headlights’ this week. Produced by Rupert Christie, the track shows off a diverse array of vocal styles, which shift and change with the music to great effect.

“I tried to sing differently for so much of my childhood”, says Lyra. “I even tried singing with a British accent! It made me unhappy trying to be something that I wasn’t. Ultimately I learned I couldn’t be anything other than my true self. I wrote this song to help myself and others realise, there’s only one you on this earth – be it”.

Positive message duly dealt, more music is expected soon. But for now, ‘Rabbit In The Headlights’ should be more than enough:

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