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Approved: Madge

By | Published on Thursday 6 February 2020


With an impressive string of singles to her name, Madge’s bold creative vision has already put her on call to produce for other artists, including Pussy Riot, Yungblud and Travis Barker.

Her latest release, ‘Headshot’, is a punchy pop track written from the perspective of four aspects of her personality – which she explores further in photography form here.

“‘Headshot’ is perhaps my most tongue-and-cheek track yet”, she says. “It’s equal parts literal and sarcastic, oblivious and self-aware. I knew I wanted to make a diss track about myself and everyone out here trying to do what I do – ‘look at me!’ – and it came out of me quickly and explicitly”.

“I co-produced this track with longtime friend Chance Clift”, she adds. “In many ways I see this track as a harder, meaner follow up to my song ‘Alice’ from last year”.

Watch the video for ‘Headshot’ here: