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Approved: Maija Sofia

By | Published on Thursday 15 June 2023

Maija Sofia

Maija Sofia returns with her first single of 2023, ‘Four Winters’, a song of transformation and realisation, reflecting on darker times as she moves away from them. Sonically, she spans folk and baroque pop, with the musical backing of the track underpinning the emotional wave of the lyrics.

“This song came to me on a winter walk along the canal in Dublin”, she says. “It was still lockdown and I was restless, walking towards the sea to go for a cold winter swim with the seals at Dollymount. The words of this song started coming to me really quickly and I was typing it into my notes app so I wouldn’t forget”.

“I realise now I was going through a transformative, healing period and writing this song was a wild cathartic exorcism of loads of bad feelings I’d been carrying around that were weighing me down”, she continues. “I know the subject matter is quite dark but really this song is about joy for me: the joy of becoming unshackled, of resisting fear and resisting anger, of becoming stronger and being able to dance and laugh at the things that once made me feel afraid”.

She is set to release her second album ‘True Love’ on 1 Sep – the follow-up to 2019’s ‘Bath Time’. Watch the video for ‘Four Winters’ here: