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Approved: Maja Lena

By | Published on Thursday 9 June 2022

Maja Lena

Maja Lena – aka Marianne Parrish, formerly of the band Low Chimes – released her debut album, ‘The Keeper’, last year, filled with warm washes of fairly stripped down folk. Now she’s back with new single ‘No More Flowers’, which pushes her sound in a new direction, adding driving drums and layers of synths.

“’No More Flowers’ marks the acceptance of a close friendship ending or changing course, and deciding to stop putting energy into something unreciprocated”, she says. “I’d been re-watching Studio Ghibli films at the time and fell in love with some of the earlier heavily synth driven soundtracks”.

“I liked the idea of some the parts sounding like creatures from another world in conversation with each other, which [producer] Rob [Pemberton] managed to emulate better than I could imagine”, she goes on. “Despite the song not being of a particularly happy theme, I wanted the music to feel fun and uplifting, as sometimes change can be a really good thing, even if it doesn’t initially feel that way”.

Watch the video for ‘No More Flowers’ here: