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Approved: Matt Farley

By | Published on Tuesday 22 November 2016

Matt Farley

We’re nearing the end of the year, which must means it’s about time we checked in on Matt Farley to see what he’s up to.

For the uninitiated, Matt Farley is a songwriter who worked out that while it’s difficult to write one song that gets hundreds of thousands of plays, with a little focus and dedication you can write thousands of songs that each get a few plays.

To date, he’s released over 18,000 songs, earning a basic living from iTunes and Spotify income. There are, however, people who think that there’s something wrong with Farley’s method of making money from music. That he’s just spamming the world with unnecessary music. And well done, naysayers, you got to him.

“These negative reactions are wrong”, says Farley. “My songs are amazing. However, I’ve taken the negativity to heart. So, a year ago, I started writing songs my detractors would like, meaning that they weren’t about heating oil, or ice cream, or poop. Instead, they were songs about love, loneliness, heartache, rejection, joy, addiction etc. Since last November, I’ve released five masterpiece albums, aimed at shutting up critics”.

It’s true. Every artist dreams of writing their ‘Pet Sounds’, and Farley has done just that. It’s called ‘Animal Noises’ and features 28 songs with titles based on Beach Boys song names. This year’s output also includes a sprawling concept album in which his prolific character The Guy Who Sings About Cities And Towns admits that he’s never actually been outside his hometown and more. Check out a playlist of Farley best 25 songs from the last year (written in between making new feature film ‘Slingshot Cops’) here:

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