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Approved: Meet Me @ The Altar

By | Published on Thursday 1 April 2021

Meet Me @ The Altar

I wouldn’t have thought of myself as someone likely to get on board with a pop-punk revival, but, heck, if Meet Me @ The Altar didn’t immediately win me over. Heavy on riffs, heavy on melody and brimming with positivity, it’s not hard to want to spend some time in their company.

Speaking of people wanting to spend time with them, latest single ‘Hit Like A Girl’ was inspired by thousands of crowdsourced posts and messages shared by women on Facebook through Women’s History Month.

“People are so supportive of us on social media”, say the band. “It’s really cool to see all of the comments and DMs of people who don’t even necessarily listen to punk rock, but they’re just cheering us on. It’s super exciting to feel like our music is bringing together people that wouldn’t have been brought together otherwise. We feel lucky to be in this position. In general, we try to be the best role models we could be for our fans”.

They’re not joking about people being supportive. Their YouTube comments are an uncharacteristically enthusiastic corner of the internet. As you’ll see on ‘Hit Like A Girl’ and previous single ‘Garden’.

Watch the video for ‘Hit Like A Girl’ here:

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