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Approved: Mei

By | Published on Thursday 19 October 2017


Having worked as a backing vocalist for Brian Eno and Karl Hyde, as well as being bassist in soul pop band Lvna, Mercy Welbeck released her debut single as Mei, ‘Sandstorm’, earlier this year. Now she returns with new track ‘Steppin’, adding further to a sound that is just so exciting.

Created with producer Count Counsellor, ‘Steppin’ is an intricate construction of individually fairly sparse sounds into a swelling tower of music, taking in jazz, hip hop, breakbeat and pop. It’s in-keeping with the sound of ‘Sandstorm’, while at the same time being distinctly different.

These two singles don’t sound like the early work of a new artist, but instead the output of someone who has thought, developed and already honed their own musical world. I’m wary of laying it on too thick so soon, but Mei doesn’t feel like someone who’s just got lucky with her first couple of tracks. I can’t wait to hear what she does next.

Listen to ‘Steppin’ here:

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