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Approved: Metronomy

By | Published on Tuesday 12 November 2013


Over two years on from the release of their third album ‘The English Riviera’, Metronomy have announced that they will release their new LP, ‘Love Letters’, on 10 Mar next year.

‘The English Riviera’ marked a change in sound for Metronomy and a transition to a more explicit band set-up, rather than being the solo project of frontman Joseph Mount, and the first track from the new album, ‘I’m Aquarius’, carries on that development.

A dreamy sounding record, which encircles you with entrancing loops of sound, it’s initially available through stargazing iOS app ‘The Night Sky’, playing when users point their iPhone or iPad at the Aquarius constellation. Or you can just buy the track of iTunes, but where’s the fun in that?

The band have also announced that they’ll play a show at The Old Market in Brighton on 29 Jan, with pre-sale tickets on offer to fans who pre-order the album.

For anyone who doesn’t fancy buying a stargazing app or a track download, listen to ‘I’m Aquarius’ here: