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Approved: Michael Peter Olsen

By | Published on Thursday 8 October 2020

Michael Peter Olsen

Composer and cellist Michael Peter Olsen released his debut single, ‘Mayday’, in February this year; an ambient, glacial piece with hints of electronic influences. Now he follows it with new single, ‘Falling Forward’, which stretches the ideas present in that first release further.

Experimenting with recording techniques, in this track his cello parts are processed to become otherworldly and robotic.

“‘Falling Forward’ is about being disconnected from what is safe and familiar and the grief of that loss of connection”, he says. “Implicit is the admission that though the fall is uncontrolled, and the future is unknown, it is still progression, leading to what is next”.

“The video was inspired by the Taoist interpretation of water, a visual metaphor on change and fluidity”, he goes on. “In Taoist thought, water is a symbol of flexibility, of virtue, of creating new paths – much like many of the new paths that we are forging now in recent events”.

An album is set for release next year. For now, watch the video for ‘Falling Forward’ here: