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Approved: Miguel

By | Published on Wednesday 17 June 2015


Miguel is due to release ‘Wildheart’ – the follow-up to his 2012 album ‘Kaleidoscope Dream’ – on 29 Jun, but being a keen sort he’s already released six tracks from it. And sounding pretty great as a six track EP, the full album is lining up to be one of this year’s highlights.

On the new music, Miguel comes across a more confident songwriter and performer, more sure of himself as an artist. Great care has clearly been taken over the album’s sound, which is a dense blend of electronic and live instruments.

Clearly after three years, in which time he featured on the best track on a Janelle Monáe album, he was never going to just toss out a collection of quickly written R&B tracks, but this feels like a definite attempt to stand out on his own.

Watch the newly released video for ‘Coffee’ here: