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Approved: Minor Conflict

By | Published on Thursday 23 March 2023

Minor Conflict

Minor Conflict have released their latest single ‘Living Statue’, hot on the heels of their recent signing to PRAH Recordings. The band blend post-punk and post-folk, creating a mesmerising sound using harp, bass, drums, trumpet and synths, with dual vocals delivered by Robin Warin and Natalie Whiteland that alternate between deadpan and ethereal.

‘Living Statue’ is written from the perspective of a street performer mimicking a statue. The band describe the song as an exploration of “how you might become lost in abstract thoughts and experience time passing in a strange way”.

After initially drawing attention with their debut single ‘Office Block’ in early 2022, Minor Conflict say that they have since worked to push themselves creatively before releasing more music – in part helped by the addition of drummer Marcus Jeffrey to their line-up, freeing up Warin to add trumpet, synths and samples to their sound.

“We’re conscious in pushing ourselves and creating something different”, they say. “The instrumentation of the band lends itself to that, but we also talk about it in writing sessions and work to explore new combinations of different instruments and voices”.

Details of the band’s debut EP are set to be announced in the near future. For now, listen to ‘Living Statue’ here: