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Approved: Minor Victories

By | Published on Monday 8 August 2016

Minor Victories

You quite possibly already know the story behind Minor Victories. Formed by Editors’ Justin Lockey with a view to writing an EP of extreme noise with delicate vocals, he asked Slowdive’s Rachel Goswell to be involved. She then brought in Mogwai’s Stuart Braithwaite and the line-up was completed by Lockey’s brother James.

They began firing files back and forth, eventually writing an album very different to that original idea, perfectly balancing their individual talents, though they never actually all stood in the same room together until after they’d finished recording it.

The video for the album’s latest single, ‘Cogs’, was released last week, which fits in with the style and tone set by promos for previous singles like ‘Breaking My Light’ and ‘A Hundred Ropes’.

James Lockey says of the running concept: “We’re now living in a society where it feels acceptable to be able to target the weak and more vulnerable, with a sense of our collective social consciousness being eroded, the media overlords giving the thumbs up to fuck us all over hand in hand with current governments, there will be a turning point, there will be light and the cloaked figures that keep us looking over our shoulders will take aim and miss”.

Watch the video for ‘Cogs’ here:

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