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Approved: Miynt

By | Published on Thursday 16 July 2015


I do like a bit of counting in a song. Maybe it’s because this was always my favourite bit of ‘Sesame Street’ as a child. But it’s not just the lyrics that count to the pleasingly irregular target of nine that I like about Miynt’s new song ‘Civil War’. There’s oh so much more to like about it beyond that.

There’s its slow creeping pace, the skittering percussion, and the vocals that seep over the top, filling the cracks. It’s an impressive early effort from this Stockholm-based newcomer. There are just two other tracks on her SoundCloud profile that show equal promise. ‘Nick Drake’ proclaims not to care about the radio but would easily find a place there, and her cover of Britney’s ‘Baby One More Time’ pulls off the almost impossible by turning it into a gently crooned acoustic track.

Listen to ‘Civil War’ here: