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Approved: Mo Kolours

By | Published on Thursday 10 April 2014

Mo Kolours

The thing most writers push first in write-ups of London-based producer / percussionist / artist Joseph Deenmamode, aka Mo Kolours, is the fact of his Anglo-Mauritian background. Though in MK’s case, this isn’t just filler (though it is a bit), for his music so obviously hangs on that ample cultural dualism, and skips with ease from isle to isle, fishing a rich bi-national catch of sounds on the way.

Tracks like ‘Childs Play’ and ‘Curly Girl’ may sway with the warm, cinnamon-spiced winds of a schoolyard or stoop in the République de Maurice, but could just as surely be songs you’d hear playing any place, on any given grey day, in Britain. And feel your heart gladdened on hearing them.

And since his latest eighteen track long-platter, the eponymous ‘Mo Kolours’, is such a mélange of styles, tastes and neat genre accents, why not train your palate in its ways by paying whatever for the new album in full via the MK BandCamp, or pick at this handpicked list of other smaller plates, which has in it, in order: the title track to ‘Banana Wine’, the middle child of three EPs released between 2011-2013; present-day MK single ‘Mike Black’; and a clip of Mo looping beats in the Boiler Room back in 2012.